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Increase Convenient Store Sales and Profits with AMSOIL

There are over 150,000 convenience stores in America. And while they may all carry similar items this does not make them all the same.  Many carry motor oil, for example.  But comparatively few carry the AMSOIL brand.  So, if you are the owner of a convenience store- or have plans to open one- then it is important you do your part to make your location unique. Failing to do so will lower your chances of success and profitability.

As a convenience store owner, there are steps you will want to take to achieve a healthy bottom line and repeat customers.

Tips for a Successful Convenience Store

Keep it Clean

Oil1If you want to have repeat customers then you need to make your location welcoming. Do this by keeping stores clean and organized so repeat guests can find things easily. Also, be sure to wipe down counters, sweep, mop, and dust often. Yes, that box of raisins may have been on the shelf for 2 weeks but letting dust build up on the lid lets everyone know it’s been a while since you cleaned the shelf.

Track Products

Yes, some products can be on the shelf for a while without spoiling (i.e. raisins) but candy, cookies, and other food items do have a shelf life. Take time to check the inventory of non-food and food items alike and toss out those out-of-date items.

Hire Dependable Staff and Offer Incentives

Customer service is a must. Be sure that those who work for you recognize that the customer could have gone somewhere else, but they choose you. Going out of their way to be helpful and attentive matters. Consider offering incentives to encourage quality customer service – especially in scenarios where an employee goes above and beyond.

Light it up

Whether inside or outside of the store, you want people to be able to see clearly. Sadly, convenience stores can get a reputation for not being safe. Having plenty of lights makes it easier for your employees to see what is happening inside the store while making it more inviting for customers to be outside while pumping gas or checking their oil.

Be Prepared

One expects a convenience store to have the products needed when one wants them. Be it crayons for a road trip or auto supplies like fuel additives, filters, lubricants, or oil. In fact, nationwide, convenience stores sold over 40 million units of motor oil in 2019. Considering that number meant a significant bump to the bottom line, carrying trusted auto products is a must. Be sure you have these basic products by contacting AMSOIL dealer The House of Syn. In no time at all, you can have a consistent supply of AMSOIL synthetic oil, fuel additives, filters, and lubricants so your customers can make quick adjustments to their vehicles.

Don’t forget the Bathroom!

Having the exterior of the store clean is important but if you fail to keep the bathrooms clean then you can easily lose a customer! A messy, unkept bathroom is viewed by many as a sign that the rest of the store is not properly maintained or cleaned. Having an extra roll of toilet paper at all times, a mirror that is free of soap scum, and clean toilets might seem minor but they play a major part in making your store welcoming.

Just because your store is smaller than the large national chains and big box stores are doesn’t mean you can’t thrive. Making your place welcoming to your clientele, having the products they need readily available, and keeping things clean are all important facets of a successful convenience store.