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How to Maximize the Miles Per Gallon in Your RV

Owning an RV is wonderful. It allows you the freedom to travel to virtually anywhere, set up camp and spend time exploring somewhere new. But those road trips do have a drawback – the fuel can be expensive! Especially when you factor in the size and speed driving an RV entails! But, while you can’t so much about the cost of a fill up, there are actions you can take to make the time between fill-ups a little longer.

Getting the Most Fuel Efficiency from Your RV

RV2Turn off the AC –

When traveling at a slow speed, turn off the air conditioning and open a window. This will alleviate some of the strain on the engine, so it won’t have to work as hard, thus using less fuel.

Change the filters –

From the oil filter to the air filters, leaving old, dirty filters in means that the filters are not working as they should, and you are getting debris in the engine and its moving parts. Be intentional about having these filters changed as per the owner’s manual. In fact, changing the air filter can improve your fuel efficiency by as much as 10%.

Change the oil –

It may seem basic but changing the oil as per your mechanic’s and the manufacturer’s recommendations is important. Clean oil means your engine runs smoother and longer. Amplify how well the engine runs by using AMSOIL synthetic oil, as well as many other RV engine products, by ordering from local dealer, The House of Syn.

Keep a steady speed –

Constantly changing from slow to fast while driving puts strain on the engine and causes an increase in carbon emissions and fuel consumption. If you have cruise control set it at the proper speed and enjoy the drive.

Stick to main roads –

As much as possible, drive on paved or even surfaces. Driving on rough terrain puts unnecessary stress on your RV.

Don’t idle –

If you aren’t going to be moving for a few minutes, turn off the engine, rather than sitting idle.

Pack light –

Don’t overpack! Your RV’s storage capacity is limited, don’t pack things “just because you might need them”. Be intentional and pack what you need. Studies have found that for every 100 pounds of excess weight you lose 2% of fuel economy.

Check the tires –

Too much or too little air pressure will cause a higher amount of fuel consumption, as well as affect your ability to turn and how weight is distributed while riding.

Watch the weather conditions –

Driving in heavy winds, especially those that come opposite the direction you are traveling will cause you to use more gas. Of course, a nice tailwind can improve your gas mileage as the wind will do some of the work.

Plan your trip –

Ideally, taking main roads and highways will get better gas mileage so as much as possible stick to these.

Get it serviced –

Taking your RV in for a full service where tires are checked, filters are changed, fluids are topped off, and any problems are corrected can make a big difference. For instance, a dirty air filter can reduce mileage by 10%, and an engine tune-up can give you 20% more efficiency.

Your RV is your home away from home (or perhaps it is your everyday home), and you want to be able to enjoy it – not stress about how much it cost to fill it up. These tips will help you get more for your money and still enjoy the ride. Happy travels!