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Running a Successful Garage

The automotive industry is always growing, so competent and reliable garages are a must. Whether you’re in a large city or small town, be the auto shop everyone wants to use.

The auto repair industry is competitive.  Do all you can to build a repeat customer base, who are quick to recommend your services.  But how can you achieve this?

5 Ways to Have a Successful Garage

Continuing Education

Garage1Many might associate continuing education with fields like IT, medicine, or cosmetology.  But staying up to date on the latest tools and approaches in mechanics is also important.  Encourage your employees to take classes, bring in a repair technician for on-site training or suggest videos to watch that will help keep your team in the forefront of auto repairs.


Do it via a custom app, texts, phone calls, or speaking plainly when talking to your customer.  Everyone must be in the loop as to what is being done to their vehicle. Be sure they understand the cost of the repair or upgrade.  Take time to explain why something needs to be done.  And make the customer feel at ease about you doing their auto work.

Be Prepared

You can’t do the work if your shop doesn’t have the tools and products needed. As a garage, certain tasks are routine- checking/changing the oil, balancing/rotating tires, replacing windshield wipers, and topping off fluids are all part of a day’s work. Buy commonly used products in bulk so they are always available. For oils, lubricants, filters, and additives place a bulk order with AMSOIL dealer The House of Syn. With so many great products available from one source you can be prepared for many of the daily tasks that need to be performed.

Fulfill Your Promises

Be ready to stand behind your guarantees- not just make them. Nobody wants to deal with a repeat issue. Your customers need to know they can trust you to follow through with what you say. Whether it is by following through on special offers or sticking to a proposed budget for auto work, make it a point to deliver as stated. Establish your garage as a service where honesty, superior workmanship, knowledge, safety, and dependability are the norm.  It goes a long way towards your business success.

Keep it Clean

Yes, you run a garage.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to have a messy location.  No one expects the garage workbench to be spotless.  But have a clean and inviting waiting area.  It makes people feel welcome and adds to the trustworthiness of your garage.

Not only should the facility be clean, but be sure to wipe down tools, equipment, etc. after using them. Keeping them clean will extend their usability so you don’t have to replace them as often- making cleanliness a boost to your bottom line, too.

Being the most sought-after garage doesn’t happen by accident. It takes consistency over time combined with having what people are looking for when they need it. By keeping AMSOIL products on hand, being transparent in the pricing, and crafting a customer experience that ensures repeat customers, you can build a garage that you and, others, will be happy to claim.