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What to Ask Before Purchasing a Used Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle means hitting the road and feeling the exhilaration as the air as it races past your body. This is a heady experience unlike any other. It is this rush and thrill of the ride that has kept motorcyclists engaged for decades.

If you are considering joining this group of riders, then the first thing you must have is a dependable ride. However, these can be a pricey investment, so perhaps you have decided a used motorcycle is best. But how do you know if the used bike you are considering is a worthy investment? After all, you don’t want to invest money in a bike that is going to quit running after just a few rides!

Important Things to Know When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Biker21. Can you start it cold?

It might sound strange, but when you set an appointment to see a particular bike, ask the seller not to start the bike until you arrive and ask for the bike to be started up. Hearing the bike start from a cold engine is a good way to determine the state of the battery, fuel system, grinding, ticking, or other odd noises. Then, when the bike is started pay attention to any sounds, smells, grinding, or smoke. These are often cues that repairs are just ahead.

2. Can I look under the seat?

When you lift the seat, you can see if there are any frayed or damaged wires, and in some cases, can also see/check the rear suspension. If you lift the seat and you see everything is connected, and there isn’t any grease or debris build-up, then it is safe to believe that the owner has taken care of the bike.

3. Can I take it for a ride?

You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it, and a motorcycle is no different. Once you have given the bike a thorough visual inspection, it is time to try it out. Ideally, you want to see how it takes turns, shifts gears, if it makes any unusual sounds and how it handles at different speeds. Another benefit of a test ride is finding out if you like the seat and handle grips. While seats and handles can be changed, you don’t want to do a total overhaul once it’s yours.

4. What shape are the tires in?

Check the air pressure, treads and note the date code on the sidewall. The first 2 digits are the week and year code. So, 1420 means the tire was made in the 14th week of 2022.

5. What about fluids?

The oil should be at the proper level, brake fluid should be clear, and there should be no signs of leaking seals on the suspension, radiator, or engine.

6. Do they have all the paperwork?

From the warranty on the bike to all the legal papers, you want proof that everything is on the up and up.

Once you have found the perfect bike and made your purchase, it is up to you to maintain it. A great way to keep it running smoothly is with AMSOIL products. From specially formulated motorcycle oil, brake fluid, gasoline stabilizer and other products, you can keep your bike running smoothly by contacting local dealer, The House of Syn.

Owning a motorcycle is a great experience. Make a wise investment in your bike, take care of it and it can last you for years.