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Gun Cleaning

Gun Museums in Wisconsin

Guns- whether used for hunting wildlife, competitive marksmanship, or simply something passed down through the generations, are a way of life for many Americans. These powerful pieces of protection and provision are not toys. Rather they should be respected, taken care of, and most importantly, people should be taught proper safety and usage.
The lessons of care, respect, and safety are part of the personal responsibility of using and owning a gun. A great way to learn to appreciate guns is by viewing them in museums.

3 Wisconsin Gun Museums and Collections

  1. Gun CleaningMilwaukee Public Museum, Nunnemacher Arms Collection – With over 3,000 guns and 4.5 million objects, the MPM is much more than a gun museum. At any given time, there are at least 150 guns exhibited, many of which are extremely rare pieces. As you tour the museum, you will see many dioramas, a rack with a variety of shotguns, a revolving rifle, Springfield muskets, and many other amazing pieces of American military history.
  2. Castlerock Museum, Alma, WI – The Castlerock Museum is the home of medieval arms, armor, and yes, guns. Much of the collection came from one donor, a gentleman who had started collecting as a child. The Castlerock gives a glimpse of weaponry and its use through the ages.
  3. Military Veterans Museum, Oshkosh, WI – For weapons from the battlefields to small arms, and light and mounted machine guns, the MVM is the place. There are also hundreds of guns, combat artillery, military vehicles, and assorted medals. As you tour the MVM, you will hear about these pieces of our history. There are people there who will share their stories. Listen to the experiences and read the stories of the people who fought and sacrificed for our freedom. The MVM has over 2,800 oral history records, thousands of service-related objects, papers, photographs, and diaries. And their many volunteers are happy to share their stories and answer your questions.

Guns On Display

The guns and weaponry seen in these museums did not just happen to be in the beautiful condition you see them in. It is a result of proper care and maintenance. Keep your artillery looking and handling great by using AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Firearm Lubricant and Protectant or the Firearm Cleaner and Protectant. The products are available through your local dealer, The House of Syn.

If you are a gun owner, a historian, or a fan of weaponry then you will want to make time to visit these great Wisconsin museums.  No matter your interest level, or experience, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. So, head to Wisconsin and check out some of the many museums and showrooms – they’re worth the trip!