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Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety

If you are a frequent motorcyclist, then you have often heard people tell you to “stay safe”.  As such, it can be easy to hear the words and go on about your way.  After all, who better knows the dangers of riding better than you? Regardless of your experience, it is important to take motorcycle safety for granted.

Tips for Motorcycle Safety

  1. Motorcycle SafetyWear the Right Gear. First and foremost, wear a helmet! While not every U.S. state requires helmet-wearing the pros far outweigh the cons. A helmet that fits right can make the difference between life and death, a TBI or a mild concussion, and many other injuries. At a minimum, your helmet should protect your eyes although a full-face helmet is best.  But don’t stop with the helmet. Wearing protective clothing will guard against road rash and other injuries. The acronym, ATGATT, All The Gear All The Time, matters because it works.
  2. Follow the Rules. Perhaps part of the thrill of motorcycle riding is that James Dean rebel mentality. But don’t let your inner rebel keep you from following the rules of the road. Traffic stops, speed limits, turn signals, etc. are for everyone. Following them keeps you and other people on the road safe.
  3. Maintenance is a Must. Make handling your cycle easier by ensuring its mechanics are functioning. Top off the fluids and oil, replace the filters, and be sure cables and wires are properly attached. This ensures you don’t have a malfunction when riding. Save time by having the products on hand when you need them. Order from The House of Syn, your local AMSOIL dealer.
  4. Avoid Distractions. Keep your hands on the, your eyes on the road and your cell phone put away. It only takes a second of looking away to turn a great ride into a heart-wrenching statistic.
  5. Pay Attention to the Weather. Riding in a heavy downpour, strong winds, or stormy weather can make it difficult to see and steer. Before any trek take a few minutes to check the weather.
  6. Take a Class. Sure, you had to take a basic class to get your license, but it never hurts to add to your knowledge. Taking a class that focuses on road safety, dealing with common road hazards, and defensive driving, improves your riding skill. The classes will make you a more confident driver and may even give you a bit of a break on your insurance.
  7. Don’t Share. Sharing may be caring but when riding your motorcycle, you don’t need to share a lane with another car. Stay in your lane and, as much as possible, avoid any blind spots of the vehicles around you.
  8. No Drinking and Driving. It’s not safe with a vehicle and it’s not safe for motorcyclists! As a biker having quick reflexes, coordination, and balance are a must. Drinking too much raises the risk of an accident exponentially.

Stay safe! Do your part to minimize the risks of a motorcycle accident or fatality. Wear the proper clothes. Keep your bike maintained. Follow the rules of the road. Each of these plays an important part in ensuring you arrive safely at your destination.