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RV Slideout Lubrication

Tips for Lubricating RV Slideouts

RV Slideouts and Maintenance

You love the RV lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you don’t ever need more space. Fortunately, your RV comes with slide-outs that allow you to extend your living space.

These slideouts are used often and as such take considerable wear and tear. You can minimize the amount of strain on your RV’s slide-outs by lubricating them. Knowing how to do this, is an important part of RV ownership.

RV Slideout LubricationLubricating the slide-outs can take a bit of time, but it is time well spent. It will need to be done at least once per season if you are more of a weekend RVer. If you take multiple trips or are a long-term RV enthusiast, you should do it more often. If you change camping locations often, lubricating slide-outs will be more frequent. Other factors affecting slide-out maintenance are environmental conditions, dust, cold weather, and debris.

Determine the Type of Slide-Outs

Depending on the make, model, and year there are different types of RV slide-outs. Some of the most common are cable slides, Schwintek, hydraulic, and rack and pinion slides. Your owner’s manual will tell what type of slide-outs your RV has.

  • Cable slides – These are lightweight but can support quite a bit. They are most common in smaller trailers.
  • Schwintek – Usually used for low loads like sofas. It works using worm gears and rails.
  • Hydraulic – Typically used in RV kitchens or living rooms. It is faster than other types but can be more complex to maintain.
  • Rack and pinion – Perhaps the most common type. The rack and pinion slide-outs are heavier and need more frequent lubrication to work.

No matter the slide-out type lubricant is required. Add lube to the parts that move and support it and the assorted seals that are around the slide-out. You can get the lubricant needed for maintaining your RV’s slide-outs from AMSOIL dealer, The House of Syn. This way, you are always prepared to maintain your RV.

Steps to Slide-Out Lubrication

1. Inspect the various components. Note any damaged parts, loose fasteners, shredded cables, or hydraulic leaks. If you hear any grinding or squealing, then plan a trip to an RV specialist.
2. Clean the slide. The parts of the slide-out can get quite dirty. Before applying lubricant, take a few minutes to clean everything with a damp rag. As part of the clean-up, don’t forget to wipe down any rubber seals and wipe off the roof.
3. Get out your lubricant. Once you have inspected and cleaned everything, it’s time to lube up. Depending on the type of slide-out(s) you have, it might be necessary to open the slides. Then use the lube to spray a light coating on all its components. Just be careful not to saturate them. To avoid over-spraying, you can spray the lube on a cloth and wipe it on.

Once the slide-outs have been lubricated, you are ready for your next adventure. Don’t delay. Prepare your RV’s slide-outs for the season ahead.