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6 Reasons to Own a Boat in Wisconsin

Boat Ownership in Wisconsin

Living in Wisconsin means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy time on the lake.  Will it be Lake Winnebago to the Eagle River Chain of Lakes, Lake DuBay, or Lake Onalaska, or somewhere else?   You can set sail for adventure and have fun boating; it’s a favorite warm weather activity! And with so many ways to enjoy Wisconsin’s amazing waterways, having your own boat is a great way to make the most of the water.  But is the love of being on the water enough of a reason to purchase a boat?

The answers might surprise you.

Why You Should Own a Boat in Wisconsin

BoatingCan offer unique business opportunities –

Do you own your own company, or are you tasked with taking clients out? Then a boat is a great option to get away and meet with people away from the office.  Plus, you can use any related expenses incurred as tax write-offs for your boating business.

Experience the world differently –

Seeing the world around you from the deck of a boat is completely different than from on land. On a boat, you can seek out those hidden coves and beaches where you can explore, camp, or simply sit back and enjoy a meal or good book.

Get more exercise –

Whether it is fighting with that elusive “big one” to get it aboard, learning how to snorkel, or doing more swimming, boats offer the opportunity to be more active.

Learn new skills –

From learning navigation to tying knots, and understanding the terminology to mastering the electronics panel, having a boat means your mind must do some work- and an active mind is healthy for you.

Make new friends-

With boating comes a community of others who love the water. Owning a boat will mean meeting new people and forging new relationships.

Offers relaxation –

Sure, a boat means more physicality and mental skills, but as you master these things you will find that time on the water means time away from the stress, hustle, and bustle of the work week. And, as quite often, cell service is limited or non-existent, getting out on the water means you can completely unplug and relax.

Of course, owning a boat is not all fun and games. It does require some maintenance. Some of those tasks are to keep it properly cleaned, see that all the moving parts of the engine, propellers, gears are properly oiled and being sure that fluids are at the right levels. At Wisconsin AMSOIL dealer, The House of Syn, you will find Marine Engine Oil, gasoline stabilizer, water-resistant grease, metal protector and many other great products specially formulated with boats in mind.

Boating season in Wisconsin is just around the corner, and no matter where you plan to set sail, fun, relaxation, and friends await. Make plans now to enjoy some water adventures this year!