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How to Get the Best Price Selling Your Motorcycle

Get the Best Selling Price for Your Motorcycle

If you have decided to sell your motorcycle, for whatever reason, then you want to get the most money possible for it. You have made some memories on your bike, but sentiment doesn’t necessitate payment so you need to do whatever you can to ensure that you get the best price.

Ideally, since owning your bike, you have taken strides to keep it in top condition. Not because you were planning on selling it (though perhaps you were) but because as a motorcyclist you know that taking care of your bike means you have a better ride with fewer problems. If this has been your approach to riding, then you are in a much better position should you decide to sell.

Tips for Selling Your Motorcycle

Know what it is worth –


The value of your bike will depend heavily on the condition it is in. Determining elements are how well the engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust, and chain perform. You can do your part by doing consistent maintenance tasks for these pieces. Using motorcycle products available from your AMSOIL dealer, The House of Syn will keep your bike in top condition. Other contributing factors for bike reselling are market value, any modifications, the age of the bike, how rare it is, and how well it runs.

Have the paperwork –

The “must have” paperwork for selling your motorcycle is the title, bill of sale, and vehicle registration. Keep in mind, you can sell it without the registration, but you must have the title; if you don’t have the title, you will need to request one from your state’s DMV. Other paperwork to have available includes the owner’s manual, maintenance records, and product warranties on any modifications.

Clean it up –

Very few (if any) people want to buy a bike that is hidden under layers of dirt and grime. Take time to clean all the parts, apply lubricant to the chain, top off fluids, wipe down seat(s), casing and saddlebag, and straps.

Show it off –

Park your bike where it will be seen at its best, and take pictures from every angle, as well as the dash. Be sure viewers can see as much about the bike as possible. Then, have someone help you take a video of your bike in action so they can hear it.

Show off your marketing skills –

Now is the time to describe your bike in glowing terms. You want someone else to fall in love with your bike, so tell them what makes your bike special. As part of the description, be sure to include mileage, how long you have owned it, maintenance schedule, and any other info you would think pertinent if it were you buying the bike.

List any extras –

Will you be including gloves?  Are there new handgrips?  What about the helmet? If you have any extras included with the bike, be sure to list them.

Don’t forget the keys! –

If you have more than one motorcycle, be sure that you include the right set of keys for the bike you are selling.

Selling your motorcycle doesn’t have to be a negative experience for anyone involved. Just do your part to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Then, whether the money is saved or used to invest in something else, you can be sure to get what your bike is worth.