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Oil Stains

How to Clean Oil Stains Off Driveways and Garage Floors

How to Remove Oil Stains from Your Driveway or Garage Floor

You love working on your car, be it in your garage, or out in the driveway. However, working on a car is messy work. There are dirty rags, buckets, tools and of course, oil spills that often decorate your work surface. And while buckets and tools can be easily cleaned up, those pesky oil stains are a bit more challenging!

Challenging, yes, impossible, no. Several methods have been shown to be effective in removing those oil stains.

Use Bleach

Oil StainsPut on your old clothes, gloves, and shoes, then pour ½ cup of professional-grade bleach into 1 gallon of water. Apply the mixture to the spill using a brush or broom, and scrub lightly. Let sit about 15 minutes, then scrub again. Rinse off the area with a garden hose with a spray nozzle. Depending on how bad the spill is, the procedure may need to be repeated.

Use a Pine Cleaner

Start by thoroughly sweeping the area to be cleaned, so there is no extra debris. Then mix ¼ cup pine cleaner with a gallon of water. Using a firm brush dipped in the mix, give the area a hard scrubbing, rinsing often, then scrubbing again until the area is cleaned. If needed, you can use straight pine cleaner for any difficult stains.

Laundry Soap

If you are quick and can attack the spill when it happens, then laundry soap is quite effective. Simply blot up as much of the oil as possible, then mix 1-2 parts laundry soap with 2 parts of water. Pour this mixture on the spot so it is completely covered, then add some more soap. Let this sit a few minutes, then scrub with a stiff nylon brush. Rinse with a hose with a nozzle and repeat if necessary.


Grab a couple of cans of soda and pour it on the oil spill. Let it sit at least 20 minutes then use a stiff brush to scrub the area. Rinse off with water.

Cat Litter

Consider keeping a bag of cat litter on hand so that when spill occur, you can immediately pour the litter on the spill. Let it sit for a bit to absorb the oil, then use a broom or brush to remove it.

Keeping oil spills and stains off the floor of the garage or driveway may be near impossible, but always being prepared to change your vehicle’s oil is not. M ake changing the oil convenient by always keeping AMSOIL on hand. Buy as needed, or order in bulk from local AMSOIL dealer, The House of Syn, and always be ready to top off or change the oil- preferably without getting any on the ground! But, if a spill occurs, use one of the cleaning suggestions listed above.