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Get Your Car Noticed at a Car Show

After hours spent restoring, sanding, painting, and upgrading your classic car is finally ready to show off at the car show. And, making it even better, you have found out there is a car show coming with an abundance of prizes to be won. So, what do you need to do to help your car get noticed and perhaps earn a prize-or two?

Car Show 1How to Get Your Classic Car Noticed at a Car Show

Don’t wait until the last minute! Yes, there are events where being fashionably late is accepted, but a car show isn’t the place. Pay your registration fee early and arrive when directed. This ensures you have a place to park and shows consideration for the judges and event coordinators.

Clean up.

You have spent a lot of time making sure your car looks and sounds great. So, if you haven’t done so recently, take time to do a full detail job. Start with the wheels, then move to the roof and work down. Use the products made especially for auto detailing and take time to ensure no streaks are left behind. Then dry the car thoroughly with a microfiber towel, and wax.

Don’t forget the inside!

With all the cleaning of the exterior, don’t overlook the interior. Vacuum the floor, dust the dash, clean between the seats, and wipe down any plastic. Again, only use products made for vehicles- this is not the time to pull out the blue stuff you spray on the bathroom mirror.

Show off the engine.

Be sure that everything under the hood looks like new. Wipe off any excess grease, use a soft cloth to clean up any spills, and be sure there are no chemical stains.

Be creative.

Think about how many people, as well as judges, will be looking at your car. You need to do something to make yours remembered. Raise the hood, open the windows, have a poster depicting the restoration process, show off plaques of authenticity, display posters or other documentation about the car’s history, etc. Anything that helps tell the story of your car helps people remember you.

Be friendly.

Have fun talking with guests, other classic car owners, the judges, and other competitors. The classic car community can be a small one, so making friends is important and you might learn a few things, too.

Quality matters.

Products like engine boost, oil and filters, lubes, additives, and other items, help your car run great. Be sure to contact your local AMSOIL dealer The House of Syn. This way, your car will ride and sound as good as it looks!

  • Car Show Don’ts
    Speed into the lot. Slow down and take your time. You don’t want to risk an accident and get unwanted attention.
  • Rev unnecessarily. Sure, a little revving of the engine is to be expected. (After all, there’s a reason you used all those AMSOIL products!) but don’t be excessive.
  • Burnouts! Yeah, it’s tempting, but this isn’t the place.
  • Touch someone’s car unless given permission!

Having a classic is great. Showing it off to numerous lovers of muscle cars and classics is a blast, and winning, well, there’s nothing like it.  So, as you gear up for car show season, be sure to do everything you can to make it a wonderful experience. We’re rooting for you.