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5 Reasons Why Your ATV Won’t Start

It’s the day you have been waiting for- the perfect weather for taking your ATV for a ride. You put on your gear, load up, and…. nothing. Your ATV won’t start. So now instead of a leisurely day exploring trail, you get to spend time figuring out what’s wrong with your ATV. Definitely, NOT what you had planned.

As with any type of mechanical ride, there can be several things that affect how it works. But many times, it can be narrowed down, and in no time at all, you can be out riding.

Common Reasons Your ATV Isn’t Starting

No fuel –

ATV2Ideally, this will be the case and the solution is simple- just add more fuel and you will be ready to go. You can avoid this issue by taking a few minutes to check the gas gauge after every trip, so you know its status. However, if it seems as though you are filling the tank more than normal, take a few minutes to check the oil line for cracks or leaks, and replace them if needed.

Bad fuel –

Old gas or water in the gas tank can also cause your ride not to start. Correct this problem by draining your fuel system and refueling with the gas recommended by the manufacturer.

Dead battery –

If you have left the ATV parked for a month or two, it is likely that the battery has lost its charge. This is especially common if the battery is old. Use a voltmeter to test the battery’s levels. You should also check the terminals and see that they are tight.

Kill Switch is Off-

This is perhaps the easiest issue to deal with on your ATV! Look at the engine, and you will see a kill switch, also known as the Run Switch. It should be in the On position. If it is not switched “on” the ATV will not start.

Spark Plugs –

If the spark plug is wet, it will not work properly, and your ATV won’t start. Use an inline spark tester to determine if this is the problem. If the spark plug is the problem, then you should check for damaged wires and then replace the plug.

These are some of the most common things to be on the lookout for. You can also do your part to keep your ATV running smoothly by keeping fluids topped off and protecting the various moving parts. Make this task easy, by always having AMSOIL products like specially formulated ATV Oil, Transmission and Differential Fluid and Quickshot on hand. You can get these products and others from your local dealer,

When it comes to getting more fun, longer rides and top performance from your ATV it is vital that you do your part and keep it maintained. Then, when that perfect day for exploring becomes available, your ATV is as ready to roll as you are.