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Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Grabbing your helmet and setting off on a weekend adventure is great. But, like all good things, the season ends. Unfortunately, winter weather often sidelines those long weekend rides until spring. But before you hang up your keys, take time for preventative actions winterizing your bike.

Motorcycle Winterization in 12 Easy Steps

  1. Run the engine. Spend a few minutes idling the engine, then ride around the block. This will help remove any water or debris in the oil. Also, it heats the chain, making lubricants easier to apply.
  2. Change the oil and filter. Whether you DIY or your mechanic does the task, get it done. Leaving dirty oil and the filter to sit all winter can cause corrosion to the engine. Contact The House of Syn for AMSOIL oil and filters.
  3. winterizingPour in the additives. If you leave fuel in the gas tank, then be sure you also use a fuel stabilizer to help the fuel stay fresh. Skimping on the stabilizers can cause the fuel to degrade and harm the engine. Some motorcyclists opt to drain the gas tank. However, this is unnecessary for most modern bikes. Check your owner’s manual or with your mechanic if you are unsure of the best practice for your bike.
  4. Lube the chain. After warming the chain, use lubricant on the O-rings, links, and rollers. This will protect against damage during the winter.
  5. Replace fluids. Don’t stop with an oil change! You should also empty transmission fluid so it will not go bad and contaminate the parts of your engine.
  6. Inspect the belt drive. Check for any chips, cuts, fraying, or missing teeth. If you notice any issues, take care of them before storing your bike.
  7. Fill the exhaust pipe. Storing your bike inside under a cover is important. But you still want to keep creatures out of your bike. Use plastic bags, a muffler cover, or cloth, or put something in the exhaust pipe to keep unwanted guests out.
  8. Top off the coolant. Depending on the make and model of your bike, it may be necessary to add coolant. Check your owner’s manual to see if this applies to you. If so, AMSOIL has this and other products perfect for winterizing your motorcycle.
  9. Keep the battery charged. When your bike isn’t being ridden, the battery loses charge. Consider using a trickle charger and connect it to your battery while in storage.
  10. Clean it up. Spend time washing and drying your bike, wiping down the seat(s), and polishing the chrome. Once cleaned, wax the chrome, paint, seals, aluminum, etc., to protect while in storage.
  11. Store it. Store your ride in a covered area, but not directly on concrete. This place may be a closed garage or a storage unit. Keep your bike out of the winter weather. This will protect it from condensation, dust, debris, and other items. In addition, put a piece of carpet or plywood underneath the bike or elevate it on a stand. This will protect against flat spots and prevent moisture build-up under the tires.
  12. Cover it up. Storing your ride inside doesn’t negate the need for a cover. Get a motorcycle cover design for your make and model. Cover it tightly to keep out any unwanted critters, such as bugs or rodents.

Few of us like to say goodbye to those warm-weather riding adventures. But not winterizing your bike will make the time before the next ride even longer. Set aside a few hours to prepare your bike for the off-season. Then, when that first gorgeous day of spring arrives, you can grab your keys and head out on the next great adventure!