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AMSOIL Motorcycle Road Trip | The House of Syn

Rolling Right Along: Prep for a Motorcycle Road Trip with AMSOIL

Excitement of a New Motorcycle Adventure

As you roll out of Deerfield, WI the road is calling and adventure is waiting. You have been planning for this road trip for months and it is finally here. You have your trip planned, your bike is packed and the time for adventure begins now But, are you truly ready? If you have never taken a long road trip via motorcycle, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Preparing for Your Summer Motorcycle Adventure

Motorcycle Road Trip with AMSOIL

Sure, you know how to pack for a trip but going via motorcycle is a totally different experience. As you plan your trip you want to think carefully about what you need to take. Each item packed adds weight to your bike, which can affect your bike’s performance on a motorcycle road trip. Be sure to have the proper protective gear, as well as a first-aid kit, tool kit, and rain gear, then pack the rest of your gear as compactly as possible.

When it comes to your tool kit, you cannot be too careful. Be sure that you have a wrench or two, a flashlight, reflective tape, duct tape, a tire plug kit, sockets, an air pump, a Swiss army knife, and any other items that may be specific to your particular ride.

Flush, Fill, and Top Off

Don’t forget the fluids! Fluids are important for both you and your bike. For yourself, try to have at least 2 gallons of water available at any given time. Riding the blacktop for extended periods can get hot and you don’t want to become dehydrated! As to your bike- before leaving take time to check all the fluids. If you have not taken your bike apart recently, now is a good time to do so. Empty the fuel tank to get any stale gas flushed out then refill it, change the oil to a synthetic one such as 20-50 Synthetic V-Twin motorcycle Oil from AMSOIL (available at The House of Syn), and if necessary, empty out and refill carburetors.  If you’re not sure what oil is right for your bike, check our motorcycle oil guide.

Check the Parts

Tighten Up! Peruse your bike to see that all cables, fasteners, screws, and lights are firmly attached. You don’t want to lose any parts as you ride down the road.

Are the tires ready? You don’t necessarily have to buy new tires for a road trip, but if yours are showing signs of age you may want to. If your tires are in good shape, then be sure to check the air pressure and be sure is at the right level for the weight the tires will be carrying. Along with your tires, be sure to also inspect the brakes and brake fluid so you know you can stop with ease- especially should a fast stop be needed!

Test the Battery. If you can’t recall the last time you checked the battery, do it now. You want to know if it needs to be replaced before your trip, not during it.

How are the sprockets? Your drive chain is an important part of your bike. Check to see that there is no sign of hooking or damage to the sprockets. If these parts are loose or worn down, replace them before hitting the road.

Taking a motorcycle road trip is a great way to see the country. Just be sure you take steps to enjoy it to its full potential. Just be safe- after all, you likely want to return to Deerfield, WI at some point!