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Protecting Your Classic Car: Maintaining Your Investment

No matter what type of classic car you own, there has been some money invested in it at some point. And, if you are the one who has done the investing, then it’s likely you want to do your part to protect it. Taking care of your classic car is a multifaceted approach.
A lot of work is done to keep it looking, running, and sounding great. So, you must do all you can to protect your investment.

Protecting Your Classic Car

Classic1. Documentation –

Be sure you have all the documentation validated and safely stored. This includes title, repair and replacement history, original manuals (if you have them), and historical photos.  These items all lend to the value and authenticity of the car.  Keep these items in a fire-safe box or bank box so you know they are protected.  For car shows, consider having copies made so you can keep the originals safe.

2. Drive it –

Letting it sit, except for a ride to the occasional show, is not the way to add life to your classic ride.  To keep all the parts moving and lubricated, hit the road at least once a month.  It doesn’t have to be a long road trip.  Driving 25-30 miles is enough.

3. Cover it up –

When you are not driving your classic car and it’s not in storage, cover it up.  Having a car cover made for your particular vehicle is a great way to protect it from the elements.

4. Do the maintenance-

Using the right fuel and keeping the correct fluids in your car is a must! Contact The House of Syn, your AMSOIL dealer, to get the full line of products designed for classic rides.  Some of the products developed by AMSOIL for classic cars include Break-In oil, Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil, Assembly Lube, Dominator Octane Boost, Gasoline Stabilizer, Engine Fogging Oil, and Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Wax.

5. Storage –

When it’s not car show season, or you know you won’t be driving your classic for a bit, keep it protected. This may be an offsite location or in your home garage. Be sure the area has no hazards (lawn maintenance items, power tools, kid’s toys, etc.) that can ding your car. Use a location with a fire detection system and a climate-controlled environment if possible.  Remove the battery, top off any fluids, and fill the tires to max PSI for long-term storage. Also, to protect the tires, store the car on jack stands to keep extra pressure off the tires.

6. Protect against moisture –

If you store your car at home, you may want to invest in a garage floor containment mat. This mat protects your garage floor from spills and keeps moisture away from the tires and engine parts. Minimizing moisture will protect against rust and corrosion, making this item well worth your investment.

Keeping your classic car in great shape will take extra effort. But when you reap the benefits of a great-sounding, beautiful machine, it will be worth it. A great place to start is using quality AMSOIL products to ensure the engine is always ready. Contact The House of Syn today.