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Large Vehicles

Large Vehicles: Sharing the Road with Them

It’s that time of year where there are more vehicles on the roads. From motorhomes to semis, staying safe while traveling can be challenging. But, when it comes to the large vehicles, here are some simple precautions you can take to stay out of harm’s way.

Tips for Sharing the Road

  • Leave plenty of space. Tailgating is a dangerous practice, but especially when driving behind a large vehicle. Keep plenty of space between you and a large vehicle. Failing to do so is one of the most common types of semi-truck related accidents. The average passenger vehicle can stop in 400 feet after traveling at 55mph. A larger vehicle will need twice that amount of space to make the same stop. If you are unsure of your placement, employ the four-second rule.
  • Large VehiclesUse your signals. Don’t just assume the other drivers will know you are changing lanes or turning. Truck, RV and Bus drivers need plenty of time to react to other driver’s movements.
  • Turn off or dim your lights. If you are driving at night, be sure to lower or turn off your lights when following or passing a larger vehicle. Often, your lights are a level which can be blinding for the driver- making it dangerous for everyone.
  • Remember, large vehicles take wider turns. So, do yourself and everyone else a favor and leave plenty of room for them.
  • No cut-offs. These vehicles cannot stop in a split second. Don’t cut-off or turn suddenly in front of them. Use your signals and leave plenty of room.
  • No lingering. Move around them as quickly and safely as possible rather than trying to pace them. Also, when passing them, be sure to do so on their left (their right side is their blind spot!) and get in front of them as soon as you can. In addition, be sure you see the front of the vehicle before passing in front of them. When passing a vehicle hauling a trailer, note how the trailer is moving. If it is swinging or drifting, take extra precautions when passing.
  • No distractions. While true when driving with any type of traffic, distractions are especially dangerous around large vehicles. Paying attention to the speed limit and road conditions can save your life.
  • Make adjustments. We all know weather and road conditions can affect driving. This is especially true for larger vehicles. Do your part and adjust how you drive based on the situation in which you are traveling.
  • Let them go first. It is a common practice to let RVs and other large vehicles go first at an intersection or when merging. As much as possible, give them plenty of room.

Of course, when doing any amount of driving it is also important to do your part to avoid causing an accident. One way is to be certain your car is always in good condition, and risk of mechanical problems is low. Inspect your ride often. Check tires for the correct pressure. Being sure the lights are working properly, and all fluids are topped off. You can get the fluids and oil you need from your AMSOIL dealer, The House of Syn. They will have the supplies you need to keep your vehicle in top operating condition.

Do your part to keep yourself and other drivers safe. Pay attention to the road, allow for plenty of space, and be sure your vehicle is properly serviced so you aren’t the cause of traffic congestion. Then take to the road and enjoy the adventures ahead.