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Motorcycle maintenance and AMSOIL Performance

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Making Your Motorcycle Stand Out

If you’re a motorcycle owner, you’ve likely thought about improving your bike’s performance.  Whether it be more power, better gas mileage, eye-catching bodywork, or some other element, the desire to make one’s motorcycle stand out from the crowd is normal.  These upgrades can be fun as well as practical, so long as thought is given to each change made.  Motorcycle performance is impacted by a bike’s physical components, as well as how it’s maintained.

Upgrades that Boost Your Bike’s Performance

Wheels and Tires – Unless you had the wheels changed out before buying, the ones your bike came with are likely a bit heavy.  Consider changing them out for lighter aftermarket wheels to make your bike easier to handle- especially around corners.  For your tires, be sure they are in top condition, so they grip the road as intended.  However, if you want to add some extra get up and go, consider swapping to racing tires as they are designed for more speed.

Components Impacting Motorcycle PerformanceMotorcycle Performance Look and Feel

Battery – Your bike’s battery can be heavy.  To lighten the load a bit, swap it for a lithium one.  Even better, the lithium batteries improve the starting performance, too!

Suspension – For a smoother ride, more control, and better handling, have your bike mechanic upgrade the suspension so it is better adjusted for the weight the bike carries.

Bodywork – Spice it up with color, but first swap out the original bodywork with a carbon one.  This makes the bike a bit lighter, giving it more speed potential.  Other fun mods for your bike include custom lighting – a win for both you and those around you; changing the exhaust pipes; and upgrading the seat to something like those from Saddlemen which offer a more comfortable ride- a must for those long road trips!

Swap to Synthetic – From oils and oil filters to gas stabilizers, lubricants, and more, there are many benefits to choosing synthetics over mineral.  Opting for a synthetic means less internal friction for your bike’s moving parts.  It also means better fuel efficiency and higher performance.  Likewise, you’ll be able to go longer in between oil changes.  Find the AMSOIL synthetic oil specific to your bike by using our online motorcycle vehicle guides.

Braided Brake Lines – Traditional brake lines expand and wear down with time.  Swapp to braided lines so they last longer.  Better yet, braided lines provide more consistent performance while lowering the likelihood of brake fade.

Wrapping Up Your Motorcycle Performance

Making your bike a reflection of your style is fun.  And whether you opt for upgrades immediately noticeable such as custom bodywork and colors, or those a bit subtler like using synthetic oil and lubes from Deerfield’s WI local AMSOIL retailer, The House of Syn, you will be glad you made the changes.  So, start your modifications now and let your bike truly shine.