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Firearm Cleaning: Gun Preservation and Maintenance

For Americans. owning a firearm is a right not enjoyed in many other countries around the world.  But simply having a firearm is not enough. You need to take care of it and keep it clean. Otherwise, it will not function properly and will lose its accuracy.

But despite the need to keep your gun clean, it is a job that many gun owners do not enjoy. When cleaning firearms, everyone has their preferred methods and nuances. And that is ok- so long as the guns get cleaned. This is because one often spots potential problems or malfunctions during cleaning. The discovery of problems while cleaning is far preferable to learning there is a problem in a critical moment.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gun

  • Taking apart your weapon is a great way to become familiar with its peculiarities. You will better understand what happens when you pull the trigger, how its inner mechanics work, and how each part propels a bullet forward.
  • FirearmsA clean gun is safer to use. A firearm with debris or residue buildup can keep your gun from firing correctly.
  • Handguns, if properly maintained, can be passed down through generations. You can lengthen the weapon’s lifespan with a basic cleaning routine.
  • Frequent cleaning helps prevent significant problems. By cleaning your gun after each use, you can minimize, if not prevent, problems such as:
    • Failure to eject – Although more aggravating than dangerous, FTE results from the casing jamming in the barrel. Frequent cleaning of your gun(s) keeps this from occurring.
    • Failure to feed – over-oiling your gun can cause rounds to shift from the magazine to the chamber. Avoid this by using only the amount of oil your gun needs.
    • Failure to fire – If there is too much residue buildup, your gun may not fire the round when you pull the trigger. There is also a risk that the live round could blow up in the gun.
    • Residual fouling buildup – Every bullet that passes through the gun leaves a fouling residue in the barrel. Comprised of gunpowder carbon and minute amounts of lead and copper, the residual fouling builds up in the barrel, affecting precision and reliability.
    • Rusting – This can result from many things, but usually on the inside of the gun. Then, when you notice it on the outside of the weapon, it has already caused significant damage. You can take action to remove the rust, but the best approach is to keep your gun maintained so rusting never occurs.

6 Tips for Cleaning Your Guns

  1. Always unload the gun before starting! Never assume the chamber is empty or assume having the safety on is enough.
  2. Get all your cleaning supplies together before starting. You may wish to use an organizer to keep the small parts together.
  3. Use the proper cleaning tools. These include a utility brush or cleaning swabs, a bore cleaner and a cleaning patch, and any specific tools or items the manufacturer recommends.
  4. Choose a reliable lubricant. You can purchase AMSOIL Synthetic Firearm Lubricant and Protectant and the Cleaner and Protectant from your local dealer, The House of Syn.
  5. Wipe down all the parts with a clean, dry cloth. Once thoroughly wiped down, you can follow up with a wax-treated gun cloth to help polish and protect the gun.
  6. Check and test each part of your gun after cleaning. If you are unsure about any aspect of rebuilding your gun, be sure to check your owner’s manual.

Cleaning your handgun or rifle is a responsibility of gun ownership. Don’t ignore this critical part of the privilege. Be sure you have the right materials on hand so you can be sure your gun is always ready to fire.