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Extending the Life of Your RV

Extending the Life of Your RV

When you bought your RV, it was likely with a long list of ideas for how you planned to use it. From weekend getaways to extended stays, long road trips, and perhaps even a place to retreat (while still being at home), your RV represented a form of mobile freedom. But that freedom has a price. The freedom an RV gives also means time spent performing maintenance tasks so you can continue to enjoy using your RV.

Tasks that Will Extend the Life of Your RV

RV RoofCheck the roof, seals, and seams –

At least every 2 months carefully inspect the roof, seals, seams, and pull-outs for any sign of cracks or peeling. These small concerns can become big problems if ignored. Make repairing these issues quick and easy by keeping sealant on hand.

Sewage system –

Add the proper chemical as needed so that the system will work properly. Be intentional about flushing out the system often, so that a buildup doesn’t occur. A buildup can result in a blockage, malfunction, or valve-seizing.

Battery Life –

As one of the most crucial elements of your RV’s functionality, it is vital that you keep the battery maintained. Be sure the water level is correct, and that it is fully charged at all times.

Check the electrical system –

This is especially important if you keep your RV in a garage during part of the year! For instance, if you store your RV during the cold months, small rodents may decide to seek refuge and chew on the wiring. Be certain to check out all electrical systems before heading out on a trip. Another concern with wiring is electrical surges caused by a lightning storm or when an appliance using a significant amount of power is turned off. You can take proactive measures against this by having a surge protector.

Check the oil, filters and other fluids –

Just as with your car, your RV requires an assortment of fluids to run smoothly. If the fluids and oil get too low then engine parts will rub and grind, causing strain and damage. Keep your engine and all its part working properly by using AMSOIL synthetic oil, lubricants, coolants, and other products. You can get these products from AMSOIL dealer, The House of Syn.

Water lines –

Water damage can be costly to repair or replace. Be sure when storing your RV during the winter that you empty the tank and lines so there is no risk of burst lines. An additional step for winter RV storage is to add RV anti-freeze to the tanks and toilet.

Tires and Wheel Lug Nuts –

You don’t want to be stuck roadside waiting for assistance or changing a tire when you could be reaching your next destination. Be intentional about checking all parts of the tires, lug nuts, axle, etc. Check for any signs of damaged threading, loose or missing parts, uneven wear patterns on the tire, and any other elements that may be out of the ordinary.

Brakes –

At least every 12,000 miles take a few minutes to check the brake pads and be sure to replace the brake fluid after every 25,000 miles. You don’t want to discover the brakes are faulty while traveling to your next destination.

While these tasks aren’t necessarily fun, they will help extend the life of your RV so it can be used for years to come. Don’t put them off or ignore them, and your mobile home away from home can last for years.